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Funding Affordable Housing in Gunnison

Lazy K

GCCG teamed with Straw & Timber Craftsmen to prepare and submit a bid to the City of Gunnison for the Lazy K property.  Click the link above to read our proposal.

We believe the time is NOW to build energy efficient homes for the future.  Housing won't be affordable if owners and renters cannot afford to heat their homes.  All modern homes must be built to the highest energy standards if our species is to survive the future. 

Straw & Timber Craftsmen trains students, interns, and volunteers for a bright future in green building.  GCCG is pleased to support STC in this endeavor.

Contact Susan at 970-964-8226 to speak with us about our community investment opportunities.


Our proposal requires the City to "think outside the box".  Typical developers will use standard construction methods and materials which meet current standards for insulation and energy efficiency.   Our proposal challenges the status quo with higher energy efficiency and intense community involvement.


The City of Gunnison is reviewing proposals and will shortlist 2 bidders to move forward with the Lazy K development.