Affordable Housing 

We are developing a funding concept for affordable housing that will provide jobs, learning opportunities, and community connection without increasing taxes or sending money to out-of-town bankers and developers.

Sustainable Agriculture

We assist in raising capital to support local food producers, farmers, and ranchers.

Local Finance

GCCG provides opportunities for locals in the Gunnison Valley to #MoveYourMoney from Wall Street to Main Street.  Investing locally benefits the investor, the small business, and the community as a whole.


It is no secret that far too many residents of Gunnison County struggle to find and afford housing.  We can solve this problem at the local level.

Gunnison Community Capital Group is a public benefit corporation, dedicated to the 6 P's:  Parity of People, Planet and Profit — with Passion and Purpose.  With the nimbleness of the private sector, we integrate rigorous financial and legal due diligence criteria (Profit) with social (People), environmental (Planet), cultural, behavioral measurements as well as high ethics, morals, and higher human values (Passion and Purpose).   Join us in making the Gunnison Valley a place to thrive.